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Alexa, Launch Care Connect

Use the Care Connect voice app to easily set up reminders, build a shared shopping list and get tips on caregiving. It will help you take better care of your loved one, giving both of you more time for the activities you enjoy

Put Care Connect to Test

Here are some of the things that you can ask Care Connect to help with, using only your voice.

Shopping lists

“Alexa, ask Care Connect to add ‘Milk’ to Mom’s shopping list. Both of you can collaborate on a shared shopping list via Alexa.”

Voice Reminders

Alexa, ask Care Connectto Set a Reminder for Mom Yoga session at 9:00 am tomorrow with her friends.”

Get Caregiving Tips

Alexa, ask Care Connect how can I better communicate with my mom?”

Use Alexa to collaboratively build shopping lists for your loved one

Both the Care Giver and Care Receiver need to have the Care Connect Alexa skill enabled.

Would you like to learn more?
Find even more commands in our “Guide”

Share the care with CareConnect
Ask Alexa to launch CareConnect